Polish + Protect Collection

Polish + Protect Collection


The sea salt polish in this collection is designed to make your hands feel AH-MAZING. Soft, smooth and moisturized.

How is that possible? The scrub is formulated using sea salt, coconut & avocado oils and a super gentle liquid soap. The combo cleans your hands, gets rid of the rough spots and leaves you hands feeling so soft & smooth.

The scrub is also perfect for your feet (see our pedicure set if you want more treats for your feet!).

After a good polish, soften your hands even more with our Intense Hand Cream. Now in Orange Blossom, this delightful scent will uplift your mood.

The one of a kind ceramic bowl is perfect for using this scrub in your bathroom. The adorable bamboo spoon makes it easy to scoop up just the right amount.

Included in this set are the following:

  • Sea Salt Polish in Orange Blossom

  • Intense Hand Cream in Orange Blossom

  • one-of-a-kind handcrafted bowl

  • palm wood spoon

The gift set is packaged in an elegant box that can easily be wrapped or put into a gift bag.

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