Intense Face Cream

Intense Face Cream


This thick, rich and decadent cream is food for your skin!  It sinks into dry, itchy skin quickly and leaves your skin feeling revived and nourished.  Crafted using grass-fed beef from a local farm called Bear Creek Cattle Company, this cream will become a favorite very quickly.

One of the benefits to using tallow from a local farm is that I know the farmer, regularly visit the farm and know that there are no pesticides or antibiotics in use.  We are what we eat, and the cows at Bear Creek Cattle company graze in the fields day in and day out.  High in Vitamins A & D, as well as anti-oxidants, tallow from grass-fed cows is a wonderful ingredient in quality skin care products.

This cream is naturally scented with essential oils that are known to protect aging skin.

Ingredients: distilled water, grass-fed tallow, shea butter, argan oil, rose hydrosol, BTMS-50 (emulsifier), stearic acid (thickener), lanolin, optiphen (preservative) and essential oils (carrot, lavender, rosewood, geranium)

Optiphen is a paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative and greatly extends the life of your lotion.

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