The Eraser

The Eraser


This clay & oil based cleansing balm is fantastic at removing make-up, dirt & everything else you pick up along the way. 

Simply dry massage a chick pea sized amount across your face, including eye area if desired.  Softly rub across eyelashes to remove mascara (keep eyes closed).  Wet hands and rub across skin, to emulsify the balm which makes for easy rinse.  Rinse fully and pat dry.  

If you use a two-step cleansing method, this is the oil phase.  Our activated charcoal or Vitamin C Face soaps are prefect for the water phase.

This listing is for one two ounce jar of cleansing balm.

Ingredients: coconut oil, stearic acid, olivem1000, olive peg 7, cetyl alcohol, french green clay, tocopherol (vitamin E) and essential oils (bergamot, ylang ylang)

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