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The many faces of the butterfly swirl

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There is a technique in soap making where you use a thick wire (or a hangar, more on that in a minute) to make designs in the soap.  The neatest part of soaps made using a hangar (and drop swirl pouring the batter) are the patterns that emerge when you put to soaps next to each other that were adjacent in the mold.  Sometimes a butterfly emerges.  Sometimes a face.  And with each set of soaps, the pattern is unique and different.  Here are a few soaps I have made recently and I would bet that in many cases, we all see something different.

Ginger Lime Soap with Black Pepper #1

Ginger Lime soap with Black Pepper
Ginger Lime soap with Black Pepper #2
Coconut Lime Verbena #1
Coconut Lime Verbena #2
Honeysuckle #1
Honeysuckle #2
Jasmine Vanilla #1
Jasmine Vanilla #2

If you make soap and want to try this out, you may think you need to buy a soapmaking tool – which you can but they are expensive and will only fit one size of mold.  A much easier and cheaper alternative is to use a gear tie (you can get them on Amazon) which is a flexible cord that can be bent to fit any size old.  A hangar works but is really not thick enough so if you go that route, wrap it several times in masking tape.

Happy Soaping!

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