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How to Make a Gift Box


The more years I spend in this world, the more I believe that the best gifts are a result of thought and effort.  I am most touched when someone spends their time on a gift than simply spending their money.  One way you can show your friends and family how much you care is by making your own gift box.


This tutorial shows you how to make the box in the photo above, however, you can adjust the size easily once you get the concept down.  This box is 7″x4.5″x2″ in size.  I chose to have the lid not reach down to the bottom of the box but again, something you can easily modify.

What do you need to make a box:

  • cardstock
  • a way to cut paper – an actual paper cutter is ideal but if you have good scissors and a steady hand you can do it that way, or an exacto blade / ruler / mat set up could work
  • adhesive – double sided tape or the handy glue gizmo I will show you below
  • decorations – i use scrapbooking paper but you can also use stamps, stickers, ribbon or other decorative items to make it unique

For this tutorial I made the demo box out of regular printer paper, which is not a bad idea if you want to get the hang of this before using cardstock.  The steps are:

  1. Measure paper
  2. Score the fold lines
  3. Cut tabs, form box and apply adhesive
  4. Decorate

Seems simple, right?  It actually is.

Step 1. Measure the paper.  The box bottom is an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper so no cutting needed.  The top is smaller because instead of being 2″high, it is only 1″.  The dimensions of the top are 9″x6.5″ (2″ less on each side).  You do not need to write all of the dimensions on your box – i did that for the purposes box1of this tutorial

Step 2. Score the fold lines.  You can use a crafting scoring mat like this or you can use a ruler and a nail or other pointed object to create a line along where you want to fold.  Don’t use something too sharp or you will cut through the paper, and be sure to put a protective mat under your project.  Once you score the paper, fold it along the score lines and crease the paper.  You can see in the photo below that the paper is folded.

box2Step 3. Pick a side to cut the tabs – short side or long side.  Cut from the edge of the paper to the intersection, but only along one side!!  And if you want a perfect box, trim a very skinny triangle off of the outside square.  This will help the edges align better.


Now fold the box together so that the square tab goes inside the box.

box4Add glue or double sided tape to the tab to keep the box together.  I like these – you can get them online or at a store with scrapbooking supplies.  There are several different brands available.


Now your box is formed!  Check the corners and make sure the creases are creased.  One trick you may want to consider.  When you score the top of the box, make it a smidge (1/16″) larger than the bottom so that the top is easier to remove.


I like to use scrapbooking paper to decorate my boxes.  I pick color schemes that complement my box color.


Here are a few more boxes I have made for ideas:

If you are interested in more box and packaging ideas, check out this amazing blog!


Happy Holidays!





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