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Food For Your Skin

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The products that we use on our skin can provide nourishment and some provide hydration.  There are quite a few oils,  such as coconut, olive and canola, that are wonderful ingredients in soap and also have a place in the kitchen.

One of the most highly prized foods among those who eat meat is grass-fed beef.  The health benefits of grass-fed beef are well documented, and the beef contains high levels of Vitamins A & D, as well as anti-oxidants.  Tallow is also a wonderful oil to use in soap as it provides a creamy lather that is gentle on the skin.  Tallow is also used by many restaurants to cook wonderful dishes, because "fat equals flavor" in food.


I am very thrilled to announce that Ridgeway Soapworks has a partnership with a wonderful local farm, Bear Creek Cattle Company.  We use their grass-fed tallow in many of our products (like soap), however, there are two new products that I am most excited about.  Grass-fed tallow is a creamy and decadent oil to use in a moisturizer.  Ridgeway Soapworks has two new moisturizing creams that literally are food for your skin.  Rich, thick and creamy, this moisturizer will make your skin feel wonderful.  It sinks in completely and does not have a greasy after-feel.


Two nourishing creams are now available.  The first cream includes shea butter, lavender hydrosol and lavender & sage essential oils.  This cream is so rich that it can tackle any dry skin and win!  The second cream has anti-aging ingredients and is wonderful for your face (and body).  Rose hydrosol, argan oil and carrot essential oils help combat father time and will make your face feel soft and supple.


Another wonderful benefit to using grass-fed tallow is for people with sensitive skin and allergies to many of the oils from vegetables.  I have met many people with allergies to nuts, latex, avocado and even coconut, but I have yet to meet anyone with an allergy to tallow.  If you are not familiar with tallow, it is rendered fat from cows.  Rendering removes all impurities from the fat, leaving a creamy, white oil that can be used for cooking as well as skin care.


Thank you to Bear Creek Cattle Company for joining with us to create wonderful soap and skin care products for our customers.

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