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5 Great Uses for Beer

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Before you wonder what craziness this post is all about, the first thing you can, and should do with beer, is drink it.  Ice cold on hot summer day.  Or late at night with a giant plate of spicy hot wings.  Or with your friends watching football.  I really could go on.  But this post is about other beneficial uses for beer, provided you have the willpower to not drink ALL of the beer before trying some of the suggestions in this post.


1. Chili

Beer adds a wonderful flavor to chili cooked low and slow.  A million years ago I won a chili cook-off and my winning recipe included beer.  Here is a recipe that sounds wonderful (and is similar to mine)!  I am a fan of dark, stout beers in recipes like chili.

A tip when trying make chili that is a little different from the norm is to cut up the meat yourself into slightly larger pieces than you would get with purchased ground meat, and use a cut that is labeled as good for the slow cooker or pot roast.


2. Beer Battered Fish Fry

Are you as enamored with the Tasty food videos going around on Facebook as I am?  I love them!  Here is a video recipe for fish fry using salt and vinegar potato chips (and beer of course!) that I have been dreaming about.  I really want this fish in ma belly right now!

3. Soap

Beer in soap?  Really?  Yes!  Beer is wonderful for your skin.  The hops are soothing and nourishing for your skin.  Beer also contains sugar, and sugar in soap translates into a big, wonderful bubbly lather.  At Ridgeway Soapworks, we also add oatmeal to our Irish Stout beer soap for extra skin loving goodness.


4. Hair Care

Many things that are good for the skin, are also good for your hair.  Some people like to use leftover beer as conditioner.  Just bring a beer with you into the shower and pour it on your hair (rise afterwards).  That sounds simple and the hops provide strength and nourishment for your hair.  Apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones uses beer on her gorgeous hair!

If the thought of letting that much beer go down the drain upsets you, Ridgeway Soapworks also has a shampoo bar made with beer.  Like the body soap, it lathers up wonderfully and leaves your hair soft, smooth and shiny.

5. Rid your garden of slugs

Slugs can wreak havoc on a garden so one way to get rid of them is to use beer!  The slugs are attracted to the scent of the beer.  Put beer in a container in the garden and wait for the slugs to jump in and drown.  More on slug management on this SheKnows post.


There you go!  5 great uses for beer should you have the willpower and inclination to not simply drink all of the beer.

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