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An Easier Way to Wash Your Dog

dog shampoo

I will never understand why my adorable dog LOVES to roll around in nasty, dirty, gross things.  She manages to find a nice pile of yuck and roll around in it with glee and excitement.  And after this joyful event comes the unpleasant part - the bath.  My dog really dislikes getting a bath, so I try to get it done as quickly as possible, which is not always easy.  *SIGH*

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One of the challenges of traditional liquid dog shampoo is that you really need more than two hands.  Pour the soap in one hand, use a second hand to try to lather it up, and a third hand to prevent your dog from trying to get out of the tub.  Well, I don't have three hands and can't always time the dog baths when someone else is around to help.

Many times I have used too much liquid shampoo so the rinsing part of the process takes FOREVER!

When I discovered that I could make dog shampoo in bar form, it made this task a LOT easier.  You hold the soap in one hand and after getting the dog and soap a little wet, rub the soap to create a bubbly lather.  You will have one hand free to hold onto your dog!  And it is really hard to use too much, so the rinsing step is easier and faster.

I intentionally do not use any fragrance in my dog shampoo.  Some dogs can have a reaction to essential oils like tea tree oil, and their sense of smell is so powerful that any fragrance may be overwhelming to their noses.  I never understood why some dog groomers use such strong fragrances on dogs.  They are overwhelming to me and can only imagine how unpleasant that is for a dog.


In addition, I add neem oil (a natural flea and tick repellent) and ground oatmeal to make it beneficial for their hair and skin.  The pH of soap is higher than a dog's skin, so some dogs may benefit from a quick rinse of diluted apple cider vinegar (a part vinegar to three parts water in a spray bottle).  Be sure to rinse off the vinegar afterwards.  I have found that my dog does not need this step as her hair is soft and shiny without it, but some dogs may benefit from the rinse.

I just loving using shampoo in bar form on my dog!  Have you ever tried shampoo in this form on your dog?

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