Honeysuckle Gardenia Perfume

Honeysuckle Gardenia Perfume


Perfume is a great way to uplift your spirit and add a little sophistication to your day.  Solid perfume is a great option for women on the go.  They travel well, and unlike liquid perfume, can't spill in your bag or luggage!  It is also easier to apply a small amount.

 Honeysuckle & Gardenia is a wonderful combination of two captivating flowers.

To use: touch the perfume and allow your body heat to melt a small amount.  Apply to wrist, neck or other areas in need of a little fragrance

Note: solid perfume will melt in temperatures over 90 F so it is not advised to keep this in your car during the summer! However, if it does melt, simply set the container upright and the perfume will solidify in cooler temperatures.

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