Bye Bye Bugs Balm

Bye Bye Bugs Balm


This solid bug repelling balm is crafted using a blend of essential oils known to repel a variety of insects, including ticks, chiggers & mosquitos.  The CDC has publicly stated that lemon eucalyptus is a proven alternative to DEET at repelling mosquitos.  Our blend contains a wide array of essential oils, including lemon eucalyptus, tea tree and citronella.

Our bug balm is solid which means you rub it on instead of spraying it.  This means you cannot accidentally breathe in the spray, and there is less waste.

One of the oils used is infused with jewelweed & plantain.  If you get stung by a bug, you can also use this balm to minimize itch & inflammation.

This listing is for one 2-ounce tube of bye bye bug balm.

Ingredients: beeswax, extra-virgin coconut oil, plantain & jewelweed infused olive oil, neem oil, kaolin clay & a blend of bug-repelling essential oils.

* Not recommended for use on babies or while pregnant

How to use: rub on skin or clothing before heading outside

Note: Bye Bye Bug Balm will melt in temperatures over 90 F so it is not advised to keep this in your car during the summer! However, if it does melt, simply set the container upright and it will solidify in cooler temperatures.

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